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Often when sending out reminders to your customers you will find that they request a copy of the affected invoice(s) after receiving the reminder. This leads to a follow up E-Mail where each invoice has to be individually made into a PDF and then attached. Not only is this process open to mistakes by the user, it is also inefficient.

No more follow up E-Mails to request files
With Connector 365 Easy Document Pin follow up mails are a thing of the past. After a simple setup the app automatically attaches the reminded invoices to the E-Mail when sending out the reminder. Thus making the process more efficient and providing the customer a quick overview as to which invoices need to be paid.

The setup can be configured to the needs of your company

Easily configure at what reminder level the invoices are automatically attached on a per reminder mode basis. An import function makes the setup even faster.

  • Automatic attachment of reminded invoices to reminder on sending of reminder
  • Control of sending by reminder level
  • Control of sending by reminder method

We plan to include other documents like shipping notes in the future to add even more functionality to the app.

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