Connector 365 Mail Attachments Plus

No attachments are a hindrance
Do you find yourself in situations where you would like to attach more than just the report to a mail, for example your terms, blueprints or additional info, but the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central default stops you from doing so? This default forces you to break the flow and to send those files after the recipient has already received the report and in the worst case you get distracted by some other work and you forget to send the mail.

Add and manage your attachments like a pro
Mail Attachment Plus gives you a plentitude of functions to help you with your attachments and you will never have to leave Dynamics 365 Business Central anymore to send them to the recipients. The workflow stays the same, just start the mailing process for your chosen document and you will notice the new attachment field, where you can add all the attachments you want - the file type does not matter. In addition to this you can easily set up default attachments for things like terms that should always be attached to an e-mail.

Defaults Attachments for all reports
Do you keep attaching the same files over and over? Just add them to the default attachments. With default attachments you can save time by setting up certain files that will always be send when you are mailing a certain report. This is especially useful for things like terms and conditions or advertising.

Mail Attachments Plus offers you the following:

  • Unlimited amount of attachments in the mail dialog
  • Setting unlimited default attachments per report
  • Setting unlimited default attachments per document
  • Setting unlimited default attachments per customer and report
  • Temporary default attachments 
  • Attach any filetype to your mails
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