Connector 365 Mail Sender Plus

With the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard, you can only send e-mails via SMTP from a single address. This means that all your reports, whether they are invoices, quotations or inquiries, are sent by the same address. Since companies often have their own addresses for individual processes, such as sending invoices, the standard lets you down at this point and makes it difficult to organize e-mails.

More possibilities and better organization with Mail Sender Plus

With our Connector 365 Mail Sender Plus, you no longer have to worry about this problem. We offer you the possibility to store additional addresses on several levels, which are controlled by a priority system. So you can make your mail sending process more clearly arranged and better organized.

In our setup, you can assign each user a unique e-mail address. In addition, you can also add user-independent addresses such as adding an accounting address to the setup. You then have the option of assigning the stored addresses to a specific report or to a customer/vendor. If you wish to change the address while the data is still being prepared for sending, you can still change it in the dialog.

An overview of what the Mail Sender Plus app can offer you:

  • Expanded mail setup with multiple senders
  • Changeable sender address in the mail dialog
  • A sender address per user
  • A default address per report
  • A default address per customer/vendor
Test & Purchase
System requirements

Here is a video in which we show you how to do the basic setup for the Mail Sender Plus app.

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