Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus

When sending Mails via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the system will automatically generate a subject line for you, however this automatically generated subject only includes your company name, the type of document and the number. This is often not enough and you end up manually adding something to the generated subject or changing it entirely because your company has certain requirements for your subject lines.

With Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus app it is possible to define your own default subject lines either on a per report basis or customer/vendor basis. When doing so you are able to freely define the new preset subject. It is also possible to define your own placeholders for the given report, allowing you to create dynamic text for your subject line. Just enter your desired placeholder and link it to a field from the report.

The setup of the app is intuitive and quickly implemented, so that users can also make adjustments. 

  • Freely definable subjects per report
  • Freely definable subjects per vendor/customer via document layouts
  • Own placeholders for dynamic subjects
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